From the release notes of the latest Windows 11 preview build, Microsoft stated a number of changes coming to its software – to revamp your experience.

The company is working on bringing the volume mixer to the taskbar, letting users try the experimental features through an internal option, and redesigning File Explorer with deeper Microsoft 365 integration. Here’s all about them;

Experimental Features in Windows 11

While it’s true that Windows 11 is a specific offering from Microsoft, the company hasn’t made some elements within it for an easy user experience. One such thing is the volume mixer – where it’s set in the Settings app of Windows 11.

Users working on multiple apps need to go through the Settings app for adjusting the volume of different apps – which is a hassle if frequently done. This could be much easier if Microsoft followed the Windows 10 structure – where it’s set right in the Taskbar.

Well, may the company has understood this; it’s now working to bring the volume mixer in Windows 11 to the taskbar. With this, you can control the volume of different apps or browsers in one place, easily accessible every time.

Aside from this, Microsoft is also testing a new option called “AllowExperimentalFeatures” on the Windows Insider Program page (accessible from Windows Update). When enabled, this would allow users to turn on features disabled by the company.

And lastly, the Windows 11 File Explorer is getting yet another visual refresh with a XAML-based home page and deeper Microsoft 365 integration! From the leaked images, we see a new tab called “recommended files” – that suggests opening files with suitable Microsoft 365 apps.

The new File Explorer can also display email threads, comments, conversations between teammates, and when the file was shared across colleagues! While making the File Explorer app easier for users is the goal, Microsoft also wants to embed its productivity suite in a long-term plan.


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