Facebook, owned by Meta, is the biggest social media platform in the world, with over 2.91 billion users and is committed to making a connection between families, friends, and colleagues. Facebook has become integral to daily life because of its endless entertainment, education, and learning.

Knowing that someone blocks you on Facebook always hurts. Especially when the close one blocks us for one reason or another.

However, you won’t get any notification from Facebook if someone blocks you. Because user privacy comes in the first place, according to Facebook. But we have sorted out a few ways to find out who blocked you on Facebook.

How to Find Who Blocked You on Facebook

Since Facebook will not notify you that your Facebook friends have blocked you. Therefore, understanding who blocked you will be a little mess.

But following these simple steps can help you know you have been blocked.

1. Search Your Friend on Facebook

This is one of the straightforward ways to know someone has just blocked you. All you have to do is find his account from a Facebook search.

  1. Visit or Open Facebook on your mobile/ PC.
  2. Click on the search bar, and type the suspect person’s name.

If you cannot find the profile, you have been blocked or the account deactivated. Generally, Facebook shows your friend’s name in real time or after a while. 

2. Find Him/Her on Your Friend List

You can decide if someone blocks you on Facebook or not by checking your friend list. Try to find your friend on your friend list. If you can find his/her profile on your friend list, then you have not been blocked by him/her. 

  1. Open Facebook, and click on the profile button.
  2. Scroll down you will see the Friend option; click on it.
  3. Now you can see whether the suspected person is available on your friend list or not.

Even you can’t see your friend on your friend list if they unfriend you. If they unfriend you, then you can see their profile. But being blocked they simply disappear from the friend list.

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3. Watch Your Friend Profile

Usually, a Facebook profile contains a name, profile picture, posts, photos, mutual friends, and many more. 

When someone blocks you on Facebook, you can’t get all these elements on their profile. Facebook also discontinue to shows all this stuffs to you.

4. Try to Tag Your Friend on Your Post

You can tag anyone in your posts and even in the comment. If you can mention a friend in a comment and add them to your post, then you have not blocked it yet. 

But, if you can’t tag a person in your post, then the person has blocked you. 

  1. Open Facebook, and create a post.
  2. Now click on the Tag people.
  3. Now type the name of the particular person. When you start typing the alphabet, Facebook automatically filters that person. If Facebook shows nothing, then it means you have been blocked.

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5. Try to Invite on Facebook Event

You can check if he/she has blocked you by trying to create an event with him/her.

Suppose you want to create an event with your friend. If your friend’s name is not visible, then your friend might block you on Facebook.

  1. Open Facebook, and click on the menu button. 
  2. Now click on the event.
  3. In the next step: Click on the create event.
  4. Once you have created the event, now try to invite your friend to the event.

At invitation time, if your friend’s name remains disappeared, then your friend block you, 

6. Send Him/Her a Message

Here is another way to find out whether your friend blocked you or not on Facebook. The message is one of the most useful features to start conversations with friends.

When you can’t send a message to your friends. It will indicate two probable facts: either you have been blocked or the account deactivated. 

  1. Open the messenger on your mobile or desktop.
  2. Now select the suspected person to start a conversation with. Profile picture might be nothing if the account is deactivated or blocked you.
  3. Now type a test text message.

If the message delivers to him/ her, then your connection remains valid. If it shows any error message, or you get “you can’t reply to this conversation,” the person blocks you on Facebook.

7. Visit Your Friend Facebook URL to View Profile

If someone can’t justify whether you are blocked or unblocked on Facebook, you can try this process. 

First of all, get the URL of your friend. Paste it on Facebook or a browser. If you can’t see their profile, your friend has blocked you. If that is so, you cannot see the profile name too.

Final Words

We feel bad when someone blocks us on Facebook. But it is worse when someone blocks me, and Facebook does not alert me that someone has blocked me. However, without a Facebook alert, you can find out who blocked you on Facebook by following our tested ways.


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