After all the sophistication Microsoft brought to Windows 11, we still feel lacking at certain points, especially with the volume controls.

The company is making it hard for users to quickly control the volume of different devices in Windows 11, even after several updates. This is finally changing in the next update, as Microsoft is testing to bring the audio mixer to Quick Settings in Windows 11, where you can perform multiple actions easily.

Accessing the Windows 11 Audio Mixer

Though we have a bunch of features and improvements to appreciate in the Windows 11 update, Microsoft failed to do one major thing – simplifying the audio settings. The company has a bunch of tools to allow users to handle different audio devices, but all these are cooked in internal settings.

Windows 11 Audio Mixer

Though the company simplified how we handle some of these – by categorizing all the Bluetooth devices in one in Windows 10, this wasn’t enough. And after years of asking, Microsoft is finally fulfilling the community needs – by bringing the audio mixer of Windows 11 to Taskbar’s Quick Settings.

As noted in the latest Windows 11 Insider Preview, Microsoft has updated the Windows 11 UI to add the audio mixer in the Quick Settings panel. With this, you can easily access the tools to switch between different audio devices, enable or disable the spatial sound and adjust volume output on a per-app basis – which we can’t do now!

What’s more exciting is that Microsoft enables us to invoke these settings with a quick keyboard shortcut – by pressing the Windows key + Ctrl + V simultaneously. This new panel reminds us of the popular EarTrumpet mod, which had the same set of functions that made our lives easier. Talking about this change, Microsoft said;

“With this change, you can now tailor your audio experience with more control and fewer clicks to better manage your favorite apps.”


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