The latest reports regarding the market shares of software vendors say that the community is gradually shifting from Windows to macOS and Linux distros. NetMarketShare and StatCounter survey reveals the percentage of users holding to Windows OS, and lenient to Linux distros and macOS since last month. And we find users have a point of moving away from Windows, as the OS is recently accused of many faulty updates.

Desktop-OS Market Share by NetMarketshare
Desktop-OS Market Share by NetMarketshare

The Gradual Migration

NetMarketShare’s reports on market shares of active PC Softwares shows Microsoft is eventually (and slightly) giving up its users to its competitors, Linux and macOS. Statistics from March 2020 to April 2020 show the Windows market share being reduced by 2.29%, standing at 86.92% in total. At the same time, the userbase of macOS and Linux distros have increased by 0.81% and 1.51%, respectively.

A 12-month data of the same shows Windows losing 1.3% in total userbase to its competitors. And between March 20′ to April 20′, the share of Windows 10 has explicitly dropped from 57.34% to 56.03%. Another report, crafted by StatCounter, even supports this migration.

StatCounter Desktop-OS Market Share
StatCounter Desktop-OS Market Share

Why avoiding Windows?

Microsoft’s grand product is facing some real troubles since early this year. All the monthly security patches released since February were causing more problems than solutions. This led the community to vex up and eventually look for possible alternatives. So, there comes Apple’s macOS, which is expensive but worth it.

If not macOS, users have an excellent option to switch – Linux distributions. There are several distributions like Zorin, Mint, Elementary, etc. which seem close to Windows UI.

Apart from this, the stoppage of Windows 7, the most loved OS among Windows users, led many to look for immediate alternatives. And that search landed many onto macOS of several Win7 looking Linux distros.


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