To face off the growing competition and lure more content creators, YouTube has announced the distributing plan of its preset YouTube Shorts Fund.

The video platform has earlier announced forming a $100 million fund to aid engaging Shorts creators and help them grow on the platform. YouTube has now listed out eligibility rules and the mode of distribution of this plan.

YouTube Shorts Fund

Many tech giants are now sharing the industry that TikTok formed in their own way. Companies like Instagram, Google, Snapchat, etc., have come up with their short-video making solutions like Reels, Shorts, and Spotlight respectively.

But, it’s the content creators who should decide where to make their stuff. Thus, to lure as many as possible, companies are now setting up monetary funds to lure them exclusively for their own platforms and grow lucrative.

In this means, YouTube has come up with a Shorts Fund of $100 million in May this year, which it will use to pay creators who’re growing on YouTube Shorts space. And now, the company has listed guidelines in using this fund.

As per its support page, YouTube decided to pay creators starting this month and reach out to those eligible for this receiving this fund. The company will ping eligible creators in the second week of every month and help them withdraw their bonus amount.

This additional money will be categorized as Shorts Fund, and the creator should have an active AdSense account linked to his channel for the payout.

A creator can earn upto $10,000 a month, ensuring that he’s eligible as per requirements that change monthly. And the payout, too, will be based on the number of creators participating in this and the number of viewers plus their location.

While these are being said, YouTube warns that creators should not post videos from other platforms with a watermark on them and make originals. The company is also exploring monetizing this plan in the coming years.


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