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China Noted 33 Apps For Collecting Unnecessary User Data, Warns to Change Policies

China Forces App Developers to Disclose Their Business Details

Adding to evolving scrutiny over digital marketplaces, China announced new rules for app developers in the country - to disclose their business information to...

WhatsApp For Business is Testing a Multi-Account Feature

WhatsApp is finally adding much-needed support - a multi-account system to its Business version. Available to Android beta testers, this feature will allow users to...
Japan Proposed New Chip Exporting Restrictions, Indirectly Against China

US Restricts American Investments in Chinese Tech Firms

To restrict China's advancement in the military race, the US government has this week passed an executive order limiting American investment in certain types...
Disney Plus Stuck on Loading Screen

Disney and Hulu Increased Their High-End Subscription Prices

A couple of months after hinting, Disney is hiking the price of its high-end subscription - Disney+ Premium, by $3 to $13.99 a month. This...
Amazon Surprisingly Found Collecting Less Personal Data From Users

Amazon Reportedly in Talks With Arm to be its Anchor Investor

Amazon is reportedly in talks with Arm to become an anchor investor in the chip designer ahead of its IPO listing. Arm has also been...
Download and Install YouTube App on MacBook

YouTube: No Video Recommendations on Disabled Watch History

To those who don't turn on the YouTube Watch History, the platform is turning off the video recommendations to let you browse your subscribed...
How to Remove Devices From Google Account

Google is Set to Delete Accounts That Are Inactive For 2 Years

Reiterating what it said in May, Google is set to delete inactive accounts of more than two years on December 1st, 2023. The company advises...
Zoom Agreed to Pay $85 Million For Settling the Class-Action Lawsuit

Zoom Seeks User Consent to Train its AI Tools After Backlash

After facing a massive backlash over the change of its terms, Zoom responds with a blog post explaining that it doesn't train its AI...
iPhone 15 Ultra Cases Leaked With a New 'Action Button'

iPhone 15 Ultra Cases Leaked With a New ‘Action Button’

A fresh leak of the purported iPhone 15 Ultra's case shows a new 'Action Button' on the side, aligning with the rumors that Apple...

Elon Musk Proposes Streaming ‘Cage Fight’ on X, Zuckerberg Mocks

Rumours of a cage fight between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are stirring more interest than ever, as the billionaires are verbally pushing each...

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