Hackers are getting the opportunities of their life from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As it’s forcing everyone to stay at home, it’s giving the cybercriminals a basket of vulnerable to be exploited. Attackers are preying on those who just turned to work from home, as they’d give no second thought in downloading any file that seemed relevant. The following reports and incidents describe how raging they are.

Digital Crimes at their best

Hackers are Using Coronavirus Pandemic
Hackers are Using Coronavirus Pandemic

Gone are those where burglars barge into one’s home to steal money. These internet days made every such act virtual, thus resulting in phishing, ransomware, malware and skimming attacks. These are interested in stealing data rather than money, which would, of course eventually flow. And making them thrive more is the ongoing viral disease, which is acting as a catalyst for online robbery.

Lukasz Olejnik, an independent cybersecurity researcher told New York Post as “The cyber risk just went up. There is a stream of coronavirus-themed cyberattacks or their attempts.” He too felt that people staying home and turning to the internet made this digital robbery worst.

Several incidents describe technology companies fighting hard against Coronavirus, and some even canceling or trying something to host their important events. Social sites as Facebook, Google and Twitter have been prioritizing credible news sources and services as NewsGuard is offering free plans for users. Yet, there are attackers hunting WordPress users with fake plug-ins or ransomware attacks.

WHO recently admitted that it’s been targeted more than ever, for being the prime authentic source for Coronavirus news. Hackers are more interested in exploiting the main website, as they could get more heads in one shot. New York Police Department has warned citizens of active hacks happening by leveraging the Coronavirus breakout. This is looting people under the disguise of offering virus testing by CDC or selling fake products.


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