Though the world’s being drastically hit Coronavirus pandemic, the war between the US government and Huawei isn’t chilling down. Huawei, in its latest annual report launch, talked about its blacklisting from the US. Comments by Eric Xu, Huawei’s Chairman claims of depending on Asian alternatives if the US stops supplying chips. And it warned the US about hard retaliation by the Chinese government due to this act.

Strong at home, but sucked at others

Ever since the US blacklisted Huawei over security concerns, the victim firm has lost many mobile spares partners from the US, yet, it thrived in its homeland. Though Huawei denied US claims of spying people and authorities through its devices, the US demanded its domestic firms to cut ties and even advised other nations the same. This led Huawei to cripple for a while and invent its own resources as self-aid.

China will strike back against new U.S. restrictions
China will strike back against new U.S. restrictions

These actions since May last year led the Chinese to feel cruel enough and waking their emotions to push support Huawei in their homeland. This worked out, as Huawei has seen a 34% jump in consumer sales last year. The firm captured more of the smartphone market share from 27% to 38.5%. It’s another lucrative offering, 5G to have seen an uprise in recent quarters, but other segments have declined substantially. The firm recorded its lowest net profit of 62.9 billion Yuan (down by 25%) which is lowest in three years.

It spent over 130 billion Yuan last year which gave birth to iOS and Android alternative, HarmonyOS. Huawei has built its own Appstore, OS, and apps to avoid relying on American firms. This led the company’s latest flagships manufactured without a single component from the US. Charmain Xu predicted the year 2020 would be hard due to US sanctions, yet, he warns about potential reverting.

At the launch of the annual report meeting, Eric Xu told

“The Chinese government will not just stand by and watch Huawei be slaughtered on the chopping board. Even if this situation (complete ban) you mentioned happened, Huawei and also other Chinese companies can choose to buy chipsets from Samsung from Korea, MTK from Taiwan, and [Unisoc] in China, and use those companies to develop chips.”

Via: Reuters


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