The Center for Data Science of New York University has announced making Yann LeCun’s Deep Learning Course free. This course will be taught in Spring this year and needs the interested candidates to complete a machine learning course or their DS-GA 1001 Intro to Data Science.

The 14-week long course covers the latest techniques in deep learning, starting with its basics.

A Deep Learning Course For Free

Deep Learning
Deep Learning

Based on Artificial neural networks, Deep Learning is a part of Machine Learning and has been growing rapidly. While there are many offerings of this course, they don’t fog deep into its implementation. This is why the Center for Data Science of New York University has announced to make its data-rich Deep Learning course by Yann LeCun for free.

The course is taught by Yann LeCun itself, along with Alfredo Canziani. Both the lecturers are talented enough to present this course. Yann is a Silver Professor of Data Science, Computer Science, Neural Science, and Electrical and Computer Engineering at New York University.

Whereas the Alfredo Canziani is a Research Assistant Professor of Computer Science and a Deep Learning Research Scientist at NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

Regarding the course, it’s identified by code DS-GA 1008 and will be starting this Spring. It contains a mix of close captioned lecture videos, executable Jupyter Notebooks with PyTorch implementations, and detailed written overviews.

Also, it focuses on supervised/self-supervised learning, embedding methods, metric learning, convolutional and recurrent nets.

Enrolling in this course requires the candidates to complete a degree-level machine learning course or CDS’ DS-GA 1001 Intro to Data Science course. Running for 14-weeks, it starts with basics, like teaching about Deep Learning’s history, motivation, and inspiration.

Gradually, it delves into core topics like optimization techniques, energy-based models, world models, generative adversarial networks, etc.

Learn more about it here: NYU CDS Deep Learning Course

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