Having a personal assistant app always makes useful moves on our mobile by following our commands. With the progress of technology, we have plentiful devices to explore. No wonder Siri and Alexa are significantly popular. Notably, these apps are cool and dynamic.

People love to command others to do the job on time. All useful features are eagerly waiting for your commands – be it through typing or voice. The personal assistant app has the superior capability to run the mobile smartly under your command. Therefore, we have shared the best personal assistant apps for Android to access information quickly.

Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android

Android is an open-source mobile operating system. Therefore, having more personal or voice assistant apps becomes easier than any other OS. That is why finding the best for you is quite difficult. But these are the best free personal assistant apps for Android you can use once.

1. Google Assitant

google assistant

First, Google Assistant is one of the best assistant apps on the market. If you are using stock Android, you already have the app. Otherwise, you can download the app from the Play Store.

Google Assistant is helpful for alarms and reminders. Even you can manage your task efficiently. Although it has smart control and navigation features. You can turn on the flashlight, open the camera, and do many other things with Google Assistant.

2. Robin


Robin is quite a famous assistant app from Audioburst. The hands-free app has sufficient capability to make a quick call. Even you can use the app to make a command to play a song.

The app is more focused on GPS. Therefore, you will get useful information while driving. It will find the right direction, parking, and a gas station or petrol pump. Other than that, you can set alarms and reminders.

3. Amazon Alexa

amazon alexa

Undoubtedly, Amazon Alexa is more popular and relevant in Amazon products, such as Amazon Fire and Amazon Echo. It will help listen to music, create shopping lists, and much more with Alexa enabled device.

You can control any Alexa-supported device more efficiently. You can integrate the app with home smart lights, locks, and thermostats. Otherwise, you can organize your day instantly. Weather updates and news are additional updates.

4. Extreme – Voice Assistant



Extreme is a cool and super-friendly voice assistant app you should consider on Android. You can take selfies, make calls, and send texts and emails.

Hence, it can also help you get news updates. Even it will help to find a place on maps. It supports English, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Breton, Catalan, Spanish, French, and German, so you can command these languages.

5. Bixby

If you have any Samgsung products, you can try out the Bixby voice assistant app. Compatible with all Samsung phones, tabs, watches, buds, books, and many more. Therefore, you can manage all these products with your voice.

Just like other assistants, you can start a call. Ask anything you want to: it will show the result. Turning on the Bluetooth to start running the tracker. All are under your command. Even you can listen to an unread message.

6. Vision


Vision is a wholesome voice assistant app for Android. The app is compatible with many things, such as smart lights, browsers, and google search. You can even control Spotify. It will play your favorite songs and playlists.

You can set the alarm and manage your tasks using the Vision app. Moreover, it will help you with math calculations. The app suitably works with Google Maps to show the map.

7. Data Bot

data bot

With over 5 million installations in the play store, Data Bot is one of Android’s best personal assistant apps. The app is ready to answer any topic you ask, which is cool.

However, it will read newspapers for you, tell you jokes, and even show you perfect quotes according to situations. It also can track your health records. DataBot is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese. So that you opt-in to any language you want.

8. Hound


Hound is another considerable app that can fulfill your personal query. Again, it has 1 million users. You can assume the app’s popularity.

Hound has a profound ability to navigate your phone accordingly. Calling and texting is just a matter of a moment. Otherwise, you command anything you want to accomplish.

9. Bestee


In the last, Bestee is an exceptional virtual assistant app. Notably, having Bestee is more like a friend you have in your system.

The personal assistant app works fine offline as well. Other than that, all necessary features are available on the app. You can manage task and takes notes.

Final Words

That’s wrapped up – that is everything you need to know about the best personal assistant for Android. Which one are you picking? Let me know in the comment section. If you know any other Voice or AI assistant Apps. Let us know.


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