The craze around Clubhouse now draws a new player, Telegram into its space. As WaBetaInfo reported, Telegram has added voice chat features to its iOS client, that can be accessed from profile settings. What actually happens after tapping on that option isn’t clear yet, but it’s more like Telegram’s version of Clubhouse, with an invite to let others join and listen to conversations.

Telegram’s Version of Clubhouse in Making

Somehow, the concept of Clubhouse is well received by the community. After the major Clubhouse introducing its typical model, we’ve seen many other tech firms jumping into this space eventually. These include Instagram, Twitter, and many others. Now, Telegram has made its own version of Clubhouse.

As shared by WaBetaInfo, their Telegram on iOS has a new option added in the profile section, which says Start Voice Chat. This is accessible from more options right beneath the profile icon in settings. Besides it, there are Statistics and Delete Channel options pinned in it. Tapping on the Start Voice Chat opens a drop-down menu, where it will ask the user to choose an account to start the chat from.

This wouldn’t appear for general users, but for those having two accounts (business and personal). What happens next isn’t known yet, but choosing either of it and proceeding may create a new room, and will the host share a joining link to it. This is typical, as Telegram is already having a group audio chat feature launched months back.

That works by adding people into a group and simply talking to each other like in a normal call. This isn’t known to many, as Telegram is mostly used for privacy and business purposes, and not for personal uses like WhatsApp. Yet, Telegram jumping into this space is notable, as Clubhouse is in the process of making an Android app to get a big chunk of the market on board.


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