Facebook on Thursday announced that it had filed a lawsuit against a company’s founder, which was claimed to be supplying clocking softwares that deceived its ad-review system. LeadClock is a company that served many players on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms to manipulate their ad serving pages to look general and innocent before review systems, but serving scams related to cryptocurrencies, COVID-19, diet pills, fake news, etc.

Facebook Sued LeadClock's Founder For Fooling Its Ad-Review System
Facebook Sued LeadClock’s Founder For Fooling Its Ad-Review System (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Technology companies, mainly social media firms, were ordered many times by authorities to control the fake news propaganda on their platforms. Facebook, in particular, has been a great platform for numerous phony news and conspiracy theories. But the company is battling hard to pull them down too. Yesterday, it announced that it’s suing Basant Gajjar, founder and system architect at LeadClock, for deceiving Facebook’s ad review system to serve false information and Investment scam ads.

Showing One, But Serving Other!

The automatic ad-review system will check for websites and pages that comply with Facebook’s policies and approve them for serving ads. But LeadClock’s software is capable of fooling the ad-review system by showing an innocent ad which seems safe for Facebook users, but serves different ads to users. This is against Facebook’s ads policies, thus attracting penalties and lawsuits.

After this filing, Facebook said it had taken technical enforcement measures against LeadClock and those companies that used its software for fraudulent behavior. This resulted in disabling the personal and ad accounts of those customers on both Instagram and Facebook.

Earlier Twitter, Google, Facebook, Apple, and others have pledged to make sure they’re controlling the fake news spreading on their sites. Even services like NewsGuard has offered its service for free to fight fake news about Coronavirus. As if this isn’t stopped, people would believe in unauthenticated stories like Brits believing in theories of Coronavirus spreading via 5G and burning down 5G towers! Follow authentic sources like WHO and other local government authorities for genuine updates.

Source: Facebook Via: Business Insider


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