Google has been testing a new feature in its Playstore, which will let users decide by comparing similar apps. The new section called “Compare apps” will list the feature comparisons of similar apps in a tabular form, letting the user know which one suits their needs. The feature is currently limited to comparing video players and may expand to others if rolled out.

Playstore Compares Similar Apps

Google Playstore Will Compare Similar Apps For Better Decision MakingGoogle trails with many features in its apps to make their more helpful to users. Besides being productive, Google makes sure the apps they install serve the purpose effectively. While this is mostly taken care of by respective developers, Google takes care of Playstore – its app repository to serve them better.

The company has made several changes to Playstore in recent times. One big change is removing the hamburger menu at the top left side, which wasn’t expected and garnered an undesired response from the community. And now, it’s trailing with yet another feature to make things simpler. Named as “Compare apps,” Google has set a section at the bottom of every app’s page.

This section will list other apps besides the one chosen and show up the tabular form features as a comparison. An example by Android Police shows this compare apps section of a video player. Here, the comparing vectors like their ease of use, number of installs and reviews, offline playing, screencasting, etc. were compared.

As of now, it’s just limited to comparing the video players and may expand support to other types of apps too. The data for comparison is most likely drawn from the user’s opinions, gathered from multiple surveys by Google.

It’s unknown when Google is making this official, and may not happen too! Google has a history of killing apps or features before rolling out if deemed useless.

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