Twitter’s version of Clubhouse, Spaces, has just announced that anyone with over 600 followers can host a Space (chatroom). While this being the eligibility, hosts can also earn from their conversations by setting tickets to Space, schedule them, and even add others as co-hosts. Also, the captions for conversations are improved, and more blocking labels are added to manage the Space without any nuisance.

Now You Can Earn From Twitter Spaces

Yes, Twitter said it would let hosts earn from their Spaces. It’s gearing up for setting a ticketing system for exclusive Spaces, where hosts can get rewarded for their conversations. They can set the total quantity and price of tickets and let interested users pay for exclusive access. Twitter will soon test this with a small group of people.

Apart from it, hosts can launch a Space in collaboration with others (upto 2). They can add co-hosts of the Space and add info, title, and description for Space. Further, Twitter eliminates the hassle of setting alarms for a scheduled Space conversation. Instead, followers can signup for a scheduled Space and are notified when it begins.

All the above host privileges will show up only if you have at least 600 followers, as “these accounts are likely to have a good experience hosting because of their existing audience.” Currently, it’s working as an invite-only model in iOS clients and is letting few Android users test a beta version.

While it’s sure to get more popular when launched widely, it should think about the popping rivals from Facebook, Telegram, Reddit, and Instagram. Meanwhile, it has set up Space (at 1 pm PT / 4 pm ET / 8 pm GMT) with in-house Twitter experts to listen from users on the new rules above.


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