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A 25 years old Tech Enthusiastic, Passionate Blogger, SEO-Expert. Content Writer from INDIA. Who writes about How to Guides, Android Tricks, Facebook and other Hacking Tips & Tricks. A Problem-Solving guy and helping hand for fellow bloggers and friends. You can find him on Below Social Media Profiles.
How To Open RDP Port to Allow Remote Desktop Access to Your System

How to Open RDP Port to Allow Remote Desktop Access in Windows

Many institutions are using Microsoft's RDP to set up remote workers. Remote Desktop Protocol or RDP is a built-in feature that comes with almost...
How To Auto-Refresh Tabs in Chrome

How To Auto Refresh Tabs in Chrome ?

Google Chrome was launched in 2008 and has since evolved into the world's most popular desktop web browser. In addition, it is by far...
Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps

8 Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps for Android & iOS

Do you sometimes feel alone among your friends and colleagues? Or are you craving to hear a girl’s sweet voice or at least read...

Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing – How To Fix It

Managing the files on PC is a fundamental skill that all users must possess. However, managing the files on a computer is a complete...
Best Baby Face Predictor Apps

8 Best Baby Face Predictor Apps for Android & iOS

In our day-to-day life, smartphones are the only way out of boredom. There are tons of prank apps and entertainment apps on the Internet...
HP Laptop BIOS/Boot Menu Key- Windows 10

HP Laptop BIOS/Boot Menu Key for Windows 11, 10, 8 & 7

Did you know what the fundamental things that BIOS does on your HP Laptops or PCs are? BIOS is a non-volatile firmware that is...
How To Get a Moving Live Wallpaper on Windows 10

How To Get Moving Live Wallpaper in Windows 11 / 10 PC

Windows 10 is one of the most convoluted operating systems that Microsoft has ever created, and it does include many handy features that are...
Dark Wallpaper Sites

8 Best Dark Wallpaper Sites for Desktop PC [HD 1080p & 4K]

People always want their desktop visuals to stand out from the crowd, for this reason, they do various experiments with the themes and wallpapers....
iOS 15: How To Print to PDF on your iPhone and iPad

How To Print to PDF on iPhone and iPad – iOS 15

Recently, Apple announced the new iOS 15 software update, which is now available on some supported iPhones with tons of new features. Some of...
Snapchat Pending Message: What Does It Mean When Snapchat Says Pending?

What Does Pending Mean on Snapchat ? [SOLVED]

You may have noticed that your snaps have a blue "pending message" next to them on Snapchat. This could be because someone blocked you,...

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