WhatsApp understood that users are having a lot of confusion around their updated privacy policy, thus it extended the date of accepting these to May 15th, 2021. If not then, the new policies would have taken effect from next month, where WhatsApp clearly disclosed that it shares data with Facebook Companies for bettering the services.

WhatsApp Postponed its New Terms

WhatsApp Extended its Updated Privacy Policy Terms For Good

Since last week, WhatsApp is facing the wrath of its users since it openly called for sharing the metadata of users’ chats with other companies. While it pressed on end-to-end encryption for chats and voice/video communications, users aren’t satisfied with the service anyhow and are looking for alternatives.

These reactions kicked Signal and Telegram, where both of the platforms have seen a significant rise in new registrations. An additional push from Elon Musk has drive Signal’s popularity among the community, where it’s touted to be the most secure platform for communications.

Well, it is, when compared to WhatsApp. Though it’s having minimal features than Telegram, it’s the best in terms of privacy features like Sealed Sender and others. Also, it has clients of all kinds and is expanding rapidly, with the help of Elon Musk! Thus, to tackle this flow, WhatsApp is extending the operational date of its new terms to May 15th this year.

This extension was given to let users give some more time to understand the terms and be stuck to its platform. Facing the heat, it has come up with an explanation of what changes were made, and how secure they’re. It assured that the communicating experience won’t be changed after all, but the data exchanges behind happen for bettering your experience!

Anyway, this intrigued the users, and it seems fair that WhatsApp is pulling metadata from chats to handover them to Facebook, for better advertising. Also, it repeatedly mentioned that no accounts will be deleted after the February 8th.


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