Smartphones are nothing less than gold mines when it comes to user’s data. The modern apps are utilizing this opportunity to the fullest. They have been collecting the information from user’s mobiles for a long time now. Both Android and iOS devices are based on the permissions that user’s give to some apps.

Most of the people deny these permissions and think that the apps don’t use their information. This is where users have gone wrong. The apps collect data even you deny and don’t allow them to do it.

Developers Approach Shady Ways to Collect Your Data

Android Apps are Collecting Data, Even You Deny Permission
Android Apps are Collecting Data, Even You Deny Permission

The app developers are approaching some shady ways to collect the users’ data even when the user have denied to permit. The researchers have done some digging and various astonishing facts are out now. There are more than 1,300 apps that are collecting user’s data even though they deny permission.

The main data that these apps are collecting is the geolocation and the phone user’s identification. The apps have some hidden workarounds that the developers bring into play when any user does not give them permission.

Let us take an example of a photo editing app with name Shutterfly. The Shutterfly collects location data of any device by extracting the metadata of the image. This means that every image present on your phone has metadata consisting of the details like location, size of an image, and some other properties. Shutterfly will gather the location of that device with the help of this metadata.

Another thing that most of the users are unaware of that is if an app uses a particular user’s location, then all the other third-party linked apps will also know about that location.