The argument between Apple and Epic Games over Appstore policies hasn’t come to an end, but a recent update on the case ruled much favorably to Apple.

Though Apple is forced to let users access alternative payment means, Apple appealed it would damage its revenue. Yet, it’s readying for implementation with few caveats, like the placement, content, and format of displaying such options to the users.

Apple May Offer Payment Alternatives

The ongoing case between Epic Games and Apple is a hot one, revealing new facts on how the Appstore works and giving hope for many small developers.

The latest update on this case is when the U.S. District Court Judge, Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ruled that Apple must provide users the alternative payment options to pay developers for accessing their services.

This is daunting to Apple, as the company argued that it affects the Appstore revenue significantly. While the judge was inclined to the fact that Apple houses all these apps, and using its in-app payment method is the main source of income, she ordered Apple not to hide “buttons, external links, or other calls to action that direct customers to purchasing mechanisms“.

Thus, Apple should display the alternative payment means to users anyway, but with caveats on how it can do it. So, now it revealed the objections that it may regulate the “placement, format, or content” of displaying options as asked.

This is still awaiting a court order, which may be processed on November 9th, where the next hearing of this case takes place. The court earlier forced Apple to implement the changes by December 9th, 2021, after which they’d come into regulation.

But Apple is seen trying to push the date until the whole case is resolved, which may take one more year.


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