A Dutch anti-piracy group that goes by the name BREIN acquired court help to stop illegal copyrighted book sharing on Facebook. A 49-year old woman along with four other people have agreed to pay a penalty amount and they are warned about the consequences of repeating the same mistake again. The issue has become serious with the time passing by.

Sharing Copyrighted Ebooks Online is Illegal

There are so many ways to download the copyrighted books in PDF or other formats via the internet. These books are available in so many websites and in torrent sites too. While this has become a common practice, people have started sharing the same on social media platforms. Like minded people or bookworms form a group on platforms like Facebook and share illegal books for free there.

Stop Illegal Book Sharing on Facebook
Stop Illegal Book Sharing on Facebook

These books have copyrights and one cannot share them for free anywhere. The anti-piracy group from Dutch has eyed the social media platforms where these kinds of activities happen. BREIN members have acted as anonymous people and joined these groups. They found out that there are more than 8000 titles were available for the group members.

These groups had 3000+ members and the moderators or group admins shared 8000+ books in the group. With the evidence, BREIN went to the court and got ex parte order. This order does not require the presence of both sides of parties for the discussion. An agreement was made between the four admins of the group and BREIN. The admins will cease their activities right now and they will be paying a penalty amount to BREIN.

The manages agreed that what they were sharing in the group was illegal and they are ready to pay the penalty. Court has given them a warning to not repeat the same again as it will take serious actions.


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