A hacker has recently demonstrated that he can access two popular vehicle monitoring apps- iTrack and ProTrack. These monitoring apps provided him with information like the car’s location, driver’s private information and he can even kill the engines remotely. In this attack he was able to acquire 27,000 plus accounts and the irony is all these accounts had “123456” as their password. This attack of the hacker has proven how flimsy the cyber security is and also how negligent people are. Both iTrack and ProTrack are the apps that are designed that most of the companies use to keep an eye on their fleet.

Hacker can See Drivers in Map View and is Capable of Creating Huge Traffic Issue

Usually, the fleet owners enable the map view to observe the drivers and the hacker can see the same. They have an option to remotely kill the engine for which the hacker has got access now. If the car is travelling with a speed less than 12 miles per hour, the car engine can be turned off remotely.

Image Credits – https://pixabay.com/

The Hacker told Mother Board that he has access for some hundreds of thousands of vehicles around the world and he can create havoc with just one touch. He can stop these vehicle engines easily.

He further added that his main target is both the companies and not its customers. The customer’s security and privacy are at risk due to these companies. Both companies want to make money but they are least concerned about the privacy of their customers. He said that he demanded ransom from both the companies and is interested in advocating for customers and their security.


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