The use of smartphones has increased rapidly. This has resulted in more use of the software and other related products of smartphones. From music to games, people are now able to get everything right into their smartphones with the help of these apps.

There are so many apps out there which provided unauthorized music to the users in some unlicensed ways. This threat is more for Android as it is in most of the people’s hands and is available for everyone out there. But the labels are worrying about this issue with Apple mobiles too.

Rightsholders of Music are Worried About This Pirated Music Apps

Apple to Tackle Pirated Music Apps
Apple to Tackle Pirated Music Apps

The rightsholders of this music are showing their growing concern about this pirated music apps. The Recording Industry Association of Japan has written a letter to Apple regarding this issue. RIAJ is a team of music companies based in Japan and they are pressurizing Apple to take care of the pirated music apps more effectively.

The unauthorized music apps mean nothing but the music apps that stream the songs and other podcasts illegally. This means that they do not follow the conditions of rightsholders and share the music with anyone freely.

This sharing of music will generate the app owners profits as they feed some ads for the users. This entire process affects the revenue of the rightsholders of particular music. This is the reason why they have asked Apple to stop the installation of such music apps on its devices.

Although there are very fewer apps that bypass Apple’s security and land up on iOS devices. RIAJ wants the company to take a strict decision regarding this. RIAJ also suggested Apple work along with them in order to remove the apps that are causing them such huge loss.