Spotify’s Stations, an instant listening app is now available on iOS for the Australian users now. Spotify released “Stations” app for Android devices one and a half year earlier. This app was an experiment from Spotify where the users will directly access their favourite music in their library instead of curating their own playlists, etc.

“Stations” is One of a Kind of App with Different Interface

This app is completely different from the Spotify interface. It has a pretty minimal interface where you will be able to see the available playlists in huge fonts. You just have to scroll the screen and select one song that you like. The users won’t be able to search for any commands through a search box or a voice command.

Stations, Spotify’s Instant Listening App is Available for iOS Users Now
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“Stations” is designed for the people who want a radio like an experience with minimal user input. Free users will listen to the ads and can give a like or dislike to the song but they won’t be able to skip it. Premium users of the app will be able to skip the tracks that they don’t like. They will be able to enjoy unlimited music without any ads and can skip unlimited tracks.

This “Stations” app features a range of playlists that are divided depending upon the genre, activity, decade and more. The end users will get a personalized version with time passing. The users can pick the tracks that they like and store it under their own station.

As you will be listening to music in any station, you can either like or dislike song according to your preferences. This way you will be provided with a Weekly playlist, favourite playlist and Release Radar. The company is now expanding its platform to iOS. By offering the app to more users, Spotify will be able to reach to a wider range of audience.


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